Chillout, inspired by the hexagonal form of honeycomb panels, is a geometric figure of 109.28 degrees mathematically proven to be the most efficient way to store and distribute gases, and its design focuses on ensuring safety and efficiency.

Chillout Premium is built with new materials and control and security systems achieving the following benefits:
1. Efficiency in N2 consumption due to its hermeticity.
2. Maximum durability and less maintenance.
3. Robustness, scalability and security in control and monitoring systems.
4. Ability to make use of more information about consumption and operation.


(110+22V AC, 50/60Hz)

Absorbed input power

1kw max.


Width: 1.20m

Height: 1.90m

Length: 1.50m

Weight: 250 kg


Operating temperature

(-110°c a -185°c)

N” flow pressure (22 PSI)


  • 1 Door
  • Pure White high-density polyethylene (HDPE) interiors
  • Available Colors: green, blue, white, black, aluminum and red.


Installation and setting up of chillout equipment.

Training and Certification

Medical and Operational

Operational theory, practice and support of Chillout equipment.


Commercial Advice

Training on how to maximize cabin usage.


Operative kit: Starting material for patient care.

Commercial kit: Material to promote cryotherapy.

Nitrogen supply

Cryobody offers Nitrogen support, supply and monitoring service. We offer our customers a preferential price and commercial conditions different from those to general public.

Technical and medical support

We have an Online Technical and Medical Support service for “immediate” response”* and National Technical Assistance for any request or resolution related to operational failures of Chillout and/or doubts related to protocols application, contingency handling, etc.

Warranty and maintenance

1 year full warranty against any defect, at the end of which an annual extension policy is acquired.

Warranty includes preventive maintenance visits every 3 months on average.

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